Non-Profit Associations in Cybersecurity

There are many beneficial services attended to by non-profit organizations associated with cybersecurity. These associations offer services of development in cybersecurity as well as collecting data and finding hackers online.

Here are some of the biggest non-profit associations to cybersecurity, providing many services towards information and development.

CAMI -Cybersecurity Association of Maryland

CAMI is Maryland’s only organization that is dedicated fully to the growth of its cybersecurity. The non-profit organization was found in 2015 and is still going strong in providing helpful cybersecurity services in Maryland.

CIS – Center for Internet Security

This community-driven non-profit organization is responsible for the CIS Controls and CIS Benchmarks and globally recognized practices for securing data and IT systems internationally.

CyberNB – Canada’s Epicenter for Cybersecurity

This organization has developed an extensive national and international network of collaborators in business, academics, and government. They are a non-profit organization that believes in strengthening Canada’s growing cybersecurity sector.

Cyber Florida – At the University of South Florida

This organization is funded by the State but is situated at the University of South Florida. They help in local, private, state, and federal government sectors and 12 institutions in Florida’s State University.

CSN – Cybercrime Support Network

Cybercrime Support Network is a non-profit, public and private collaboration to assist in challenges facing millions of individuals and companies which face cybercrime attacks on their networks. They work with many challenges towards cyberattacks on different networks and devices.

CISO – Executive Network

The CISO Executive Network works as a peer-to-peer organization that works as a non-profit. They are dedicated to helping companies with information security, IT risk management, and privacy. They strive in improving companies and making them more successful.

BCA – Black Cybersecurity Association

BCA operates as an inclusive non-profit organization. They focus primarily on building communities, mentorship, and job opportunities. They provide their services to underrepresented minorities in the cybersecurity sector.

These companies are all dedicated non-profit associations of cybersecurity and provide help and information towards cyberattacks.