MCPA Hack the Arch 2015
27 Jul 2015

Congratulations to our Winners #NPL from Schnucks Markets and USCCEast (remote bracket)!

When the scoreboard went off ninety minutes before the end of the competition USCCEast was in first place (where they had been the whole time). When the competition was over #NPL had passed them and shocked everyone for the win.

First Place: #NPL

First place overall and the winners of the Golden Keyboard went to #NPL from Schnuck's Market!

Second Place (Local): oG$ViP3r

Second place for the local competition went to oG$ViP3r from OG Systems' VIPER Labs!

Third Place (Local): apt-got root

Third place for the local competition went to apt-got root!

Remote First Place - USCCEast

Second place overall and first place remote went to USCCEast!

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